The Ice House

The Ice House

The Ice house was built in 1865, by Algernon Perkins, resident at Hanworth Park House at the time. It is situated at the crossroads by the Horse and Groom, now Tescos, and the Library, now a block of flats. It was used to store Ice to keep food and drink chilled during the summer months. Ice and snow was collected over the winter and packed into cubes and stored in the Ice House. Ice was quite often bought in if the winter was mild. The structure was covered in dirt and shrubs and trees planted to keep the suns rays off the roof of it. There is a description in Hanworth residents book, which goes as follows:

Beneath this mound is a vault some eight feet by eight feet, built of stock brick, the floor being staffords and had a 3" oak door.

Taken from Hanworth by John EBC Wright and John HB Finis

Another local resident who has been inside the Ice House describes it slightly different. John Ritchie has produced the following images to give an idea of what it looks like under the dirt.


The following images are sample of the interior of other ice house, to give an idea of the inside.








Stories by local people say it was used as a shelter during the war, and that it is now used by Hounslow Council to store things. Every now and then, the council cut back the trees and bushes, and the mound can be seen better.

It has given its name to that part of Hanworth, The Mount. Again local stories suggest the Head Gardener at Tudor House, built some cottages in Hounslow Road, just opposite and called them Mount Pleasant, possibly after a pleasant view of the mount. The cottages still stand today next to Eva's Florist.

Rumours of tunnels connecting the Ice House and Hanworth Manor have been around for years, see Tunnels section for my own personal views on these rumours.