Duke Of St Albans

The Duke of St Albans is quite an important person in regards to the History of Hanworth Park House.

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Dukes of St Albans (1684)

Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St Albans(1670–1726) (elder illegitimate son ofCharles IIandNell Gwynn)Other titles: Earl of Burford, in the county of Oxford, and Baron Heddington, in the county of Oxford (1676)
Other titles (5th Duke onwards): Baron Vere, of Hanworth in the county of Middlesex (1750)

The heir apparent is Charles Francis Topham de Vere Beauclerk, Earl of Burford (b. 1965) (only son of the 14th Duke).

The heir apparent's heir apparent is his only son, James Malcolm Aubrey Edward de Vere Beauclerk, Lord Vere of Hanworth (b. 1995).