Members on the Facebook group have been asked to send in thier memories of Hanworth Park House.



My mother-in-law, Vera Beeson, was born in Hanworth in 1912. Her first job was that of a maid at HPH, in approximately 1926. She spoke of seeing and meeting many pilots in particular,  Winifred Spooner and sipping champagne from the Kings Cup. She also spoke of the grand ballroom they used to peep into at functions. Her older sister, Florence Beeson, was taken up by a pilot and she used to tell tales of how scared she was to be flying and the pilot doing a 'loop the loop' 
Sadly they are no longer with us, but Vera lived to the grand age of 101 and Florence her sister, 98.

Lynn Shrimpton



My brothers various community service volunteer helpers used to stay in the flat at the back of the house. They lived there from 1980 to mid 80's. When they moved in the bath had black mold in and it took them months to remove it. The flat was not used for a long time before they moved in. We painted it and cleaned it.  We used to have great parties and run around on the grass in the front of the house.

Kate Taylor


My memories of Hanworth Park House relate to when my aunt, Miss Joyce Langley worked there as Matron in charge.  At the time it was managed/run by Hounslow Borough Council - possibly around 1980' grandmother, Winifred Barrett became a resident there around 1982 and unfortunately passed away there.  We would visit her at HPH, she was happy (she had senile dementia) and well cared for.  It was a beautiful building.  I would often help my aunt out in the office which was to the right and down a bit after entering the main entrance.  My aunts deputy, Sheila Noakes, worked and lived in the small bungalow/flat to the left of the building.

Both Joyce and Sheila are living down in Dorset now, not far from each other.  My aunts eyesight is very poor, but she would love to visit the home, possibly in the spring or the next tour date.  She has kept Sheila posted of the news I share with her.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

Carol Powell
(Nee Barrett)

My father was a member of a cycling club in the 1930 s and had seen an avro 504k giving flights.
On their next trip out he took the lead as they approached the same field and shouted "flat",a puncture was the only way to get the group to stop !
He drop
ped his bike and ran up to the plane and by the time the group had all stopped he had spoken to the pilot and was told to "get in"!
He jumped into the cockpit full of anticipation ,as the pilot started the engine.
The plane bumped along before taking off my father at this point enjoying the view.
However at a height he estimated of 500 feet the plane hit turbulence and dropped, he just managed to grip the leather coaming and hang on !
After a short while he landed hard on the seat and then realised their was a buckle... 
He said he still enjoyed the trip but was a bit white faced when he got out on landing!
I wonder how many more had a similar experience?


David Lucas (Via Facebook post)