Community Survey

On behalf of Friends of Hanworth Park House committee (FoHPH), we would just like to say a big thank you to everyone involved (Stall Holders/Volunteers/ Car Owners/Photographers and Cinematographers/DJ & Singer, anyone else we may have missed), to make Saturday such a great success that it was, we had never imagined that the day would be as popular and fruitful as it proved to be.

Also a big thank you to all visitors who attended locally and from further afield, you made it all worthwhile for FoHPH and all involved to deliver such a great day, one of many more to come we hope!

As some of you filled out the FoHPH questionniare on the day to let us (and LBH council), know how you feel towards the House and proposals on offer, we would also like to open this questionnaire up to whoever couldn't make it on Saturday or missed the opportunity to share your views with us on the day, I must add this is an open, honest and unbiased survey, and we really do want to hear from everybody whether you are for or against the proposals.
If you would like to download and fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page, then email it to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The community Benefits are listed below, please read the benefits then fill out and return the form

We really do want to hear from everybody, to show LBH what can happen when the comunity rallies round together, whilst showing what a beautiful historical asset the House could be if put back into use, and offer facilities for future generations to benefit from!


Community Benefits Proposals.

(If HPHP refurbishment receives approval).

  • The owner, Mr Gary Cottle, has produced a scheme, supported by the FoHPH, that provides for the restoration of HPH and it’s surrounding grounds, including the land owned by LBH.
  • The floor area of HPH is in the order of 2,500 m2. Of this approximately 1,500 m2 will be made available for publically accessible space over two floors of the house. The restoration strategy has been agreed with LBH’s Conservation Department and Historic England.
  • The community space of HPH should be of benefit to local residents and a desirable destination to those from West London. HPH should be a hub for community interaction and development, by satisfying cultural, heritage and social interests. HPH and its gardens should be a catalyst for the rejuvenation of the wider parkland, that will provide mental & physical wellbeing for the community. Since late 2017, FoHPH have therefore been discussing the best assignment for the approximately 1,500 sq metres of publicly accessible space. The allocation of space is an evolving scheme, which is subject to public consultation and financial feasibility assessment. At this point in time the suggested provision is:

Approx twelve rooms for Artisans (Arts & Crafts) and small business incubators.

Education Centre, providing a day workshop for School Parties and Adult Education. Some of these activities would interact with the resident artists.

Clubroom, this would be a shared space operated by rota.

Permanent Museum, primarily concerned with the rich family history of HPH (Duke of St Albans, Lafone and Perkins families. Descendents of all three families have visited HPH and are actively involved), Aviation History, Military Hospital and the early development of Aston Martin cars.

Café, this should be decorated to a high standard, to give a sense of occasion, pride and romance, befitting a fine Georgian House.

Temporary Exhibition Space for the resident artisans and visiting exhibitors.

Ballroom, a clear multifunctional space for events, conferences, student fashion shows, larger exhibitions, recitals, talks and antique fairs.

Clock Tower used as a viewing tower.

Gardens, Parkland and Longford River, to increase the bio-diversity of the natural environment, restore the beauty of the formal gardens, become part of a wider heritage trail, add signage, enhance existing activities, plus add new uses, attractions and shows.

  • Lower Ground Floor.
  • Upper Ground Floor
  • The grounds will not only be improved to provide an appropriate setting for the house, but will restore the current derelict land to a high ecological standard that will improve the adjacent Longford River. These grounds will provide an extension of the existing Hanworth Park.
  • There will be a significant increase in the amount of publically accessible land, much of which has not been accessed since 1992 when HPH was closed.
  • The scale and expense of securing the future of HPH is such that funding streams such as the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) are insufficient. Furthermore, the inevitable delay in securing matching funding for any significant HLF monies would risk the viability of HPH. Funding for a long-term solution, therefore, requires the construction of an enabling development. Since 2001 there have been a succession of planning applications put forward by previous owners of the site for the construction of a hotel and conference centre. In 2012 planning permission was granted by LBH. This planning permission is still in place having been renewed by the current owner in 2016, however, FoHPH have agreed with the owner that the construction of a hotel, as approved in the planning permission, will not serve the interests of the community, but will significantly degrade the setting of HPH. The solution is to provide 120 affordable houses set further away from the house on land currently owned by LBH in exchange for the restoration of HPH and grounds. This position has been reached after protracted discussions with LBH reducing an initial proposal of c. 250 units by 50%. The ‘footprint’ of the development will be approximately the same as that of the existing planning permission for the hotel complex. The exact shape and placement of the enabling development is still under discussion between the owner, LBH, Greater London Assembly (GLA), FoHPH and local residents. The owner has presented some variations in his written presentation material. One of the most recent suggestions is illustrated below. The main considerations for FoHPH are: Reducing the visual impact of the enabling development when visitors are enjoying the formal gardens around HPH; An architectural style and presence that creates a sympathetic façade as visitors arrive at HPH from Forest Road; Continued footpath access through the development site; An ecological and visual improvement of the wooded area running alongside the river.

Viability and Sustainability of the FoHPH ambitions. Through a process of consultation and research FoHPH shall investigate local and regional needs and assess the financial feasibility of fulfilling those ends. There shall be a consultation at the large public Open Day (HPH Classic Car Show and Summer Fair) on the 7th July 2018, amongst other occasions. We are studying other similar projects like Gunnersbury Park, Brentford Musical Museum, Redlees Arts & Crafts Studios and Johnson’s Island Artists Community. Negotiations are underway with the Environment Trust so that they may act as an umbrella organisation for the first few years, until FoHPH are ready to set up as a Trust in their own right. The owner of HPH will also be providing investment over the first several years to kick start the community projects (Full details in the owner’s documents).


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