About this website.

I decided to build this website, after the recent "explosion" of interest in Hanworth Park House. I have always been fascinated by the house, I remember climbing through a gap in the fence in my teens to go and have a look round. The house was still open as an old peoples home, so we had to be careful. After a few minutes looking at the front of the house and admiring it, we were spotted by someone, a gardener or caretaker, and he chased us out. I went into the house shortly after it closed, again with a group of mates, not to cause trouble or damage, but just curious. We only spent 5 or 10 minutes inside, and then we left, rather quickly, after we heard a noise from upstairs. 

The current interest, especially on the Facebook group has shown us more unseen photos and stories than were previously available, and using this site, I hope to record some of those.

I have now visited the house, legally, three times, and am amazed at the deterioration of this grand old lady.



It is not my intention to take away the audience of the HPH Facebook group. This is merely something to run alongside that group, as another form of information.

You can join the Facebook group by going to the Links page