2000 - Present Day

The house has now been empty since 1992, when the nursing home closed. One of the owners left it to deteriorate and is now in a very bad state. Ceilings and floors have collapsed, and others are being held up by builders crops. 

The current owner has plans to restore the building and also build houses to help pay for the restoration. The house would be used for Private Accommodation and for community use.





Film Use

 The house still draws occasional interest as a film set and has featured in BBC drama A Very Open Prison, American horror anthology Tales From The Crypt and a short erotic film, Hotel Paradise.

 However, with those film crews long gone, the prospect of a real paradise hotel being the next chapter in Hanworth Park House's history still seems as far-removed as ever.

 When the house was chosen as the principal location for HBO horror series Tales From The Crypt, the film crew insisted on an exorcism of the building before they moved in