1700 - 1799

1700 - 1799

Mary Chambers married Lord Vere Beauclerk in 1736, who was the younger son of the the first Duke of St Albans and a naval officer. He resigned from the Navy in 1749, after a colleague was promoted above him and he saw it as an insult. Lord Beauclerk died in 1781, leaving Hanworth to his son Aubrey, who eventually became the fifth Duke of St Albans.

The fifth Duke loved walking around Hanworth Park, and, ironically he was responsible for cutting down most of the trees in Hanworth. Aubrey was the last Duke to live at Hanworth Manor, because in 1793, the house and some land was leased to a tenant, Edward Russel Howe. The Lodge, Parkland and the waters were leases to another tenant. Aubrey moved to a smaller house in Hampton by the river, named St Albans. 

Edward Russel Howe's tenancy came to an abrupt end on March 26th 1797, as disaster stuck Hanworth Manor house, when a fire destroyed most of the buildings. It is thought the fire started when a servant girl lit a fire to burn rubbish too close to the house, which was mainly made of wood.

In around three hours, the fire destroyed every part of the building and all the beautiful gallery of paintings, which were an heir-loom with the house. Very little of the furniture was saved. The fire broke out at the back of the house, near the library.

Parish records show the following:

Paid to the men for working the Twickenham Engine at the fire at the Duke's house £4-11 4d

Paid to the men for working the Sunbury Engine at the fire at the Duke's house £4-4-0

Paid to the men for working the Hampton Engine at the fire at the Duke's house £5-10-0

Expenses at 'The Bear' for entertaining the men who worked the Engines £2-6-4d





Luckily, during Cottingtons time at the house, he built a wall around the house, which probably saved the fire from spreading to the Church next door. 

A new house would be built half a mile or so North in the Airpark, and would become Hanworth Park House.